'ello me 'andsome!

Hello! Well from the last time I blogged I have now moved homes, climates and countries- from Newport in Wales to Falmouth in Cornwall, England! Our house is near the sea and if I crane my neck and stand on the bed I can just catch a glimpse of it. The climate is a bit more moist and damp but I've been told this'll do wonders for my complexion ;p!  I'll soon be getting back into the routine of making and creating and have heard there are lots of crafty fairs and folk down 'ere to meet and greet! We've already had our scones and cream teas and sampled some lovely cornish hospitality so we hope to become settled soon. It's funny to think we've now lived in Scotland, Wales and England within the space of a year- although I think it'll be nice to stay here for a bit longer!

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