Whatcha mean what's a zine?

Just wanted to share a coupla' books on zine/self publishing that I've come across recently! Whatcha Mean What's a Zine by Mark Todd and Esther Watson is a great publication on the art of making zines and comics packed full to the brim with illustrations, drawings and doodles all neatly bound in this inspiring book. If you haven't discovered zine making then this is a must-read - included are helpful tips on stapling, making and photocopying as well as snippets from over 20 creators of indie comics and zines- it does not disappoint and is easy to flick through and inspire!
The other book is called Indie Publishing- How to Design and Produce Your Own Book by Ellen Lupton- another hands-on book which leads you through the process of getting your book made and out there- from how to get started, to formatting, printing, and finally marketing and distributing. Included are lots of nice photos of other artist's publications and little diagrams showing you different ways to blind your book!
Both books are widely available online and I'd say definitely value for money on the advice you can glean from their pages!

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