And the award goes to...

Much to my surprise I recently received a blogger award from creative pattern-catchall Georgia Coote- whose bright and crisp designs I have regularly taken a look at over on her blog. The award is simply to support bloggers and showcase others. So thank-you Georgia for the Liebster Blog Award! -in accepting this award my job is to:

  • write a blog post on receiving this award and add the Liebster picture
  • link back to the person who gave it me
  • pick 3-5 of my favourite blogs to share and present this award to
This is a little harder than first imagined as there are so many lovely blogs that I stumble across quite regularly!  However I have decided and hope that 1) you'll discover work that can inspire you and 2) that those that receive it will be encouraged and also share their favourite blogs!

  1. - a blog I regularly click to simply to enjoy the cheery illustrations that Amy does in her own unique style- expect cats and patterns!
  2. a studio blog of Anja's work that she produces for children's illustration- I always love seeing her new pieces and the way she adds a little texture here and there!
  3. came across Erica's work not that long ago on Flickr and then found her blog- its a lovely place to see her work in progress and read about how she develops her illustrations- helps too that I love her dreamy style!
  4. it's exciting when you come across an illustrator whose work just makes you smile- Bora's blog does exactly that- bright, fresh and cute!
  5. - I love to read about what crafters and artists are doing in their part of the world and this lovely gal- Iona Bruce is one of those industrious types- maker of all things knitted and stitched she also regularly leads workshops and organises collaborations for all sorts of creative projects from zines to woolly patches and more recently planning to open an eco- friendly line in her online store! Click through to be encouraged!
So there you have it- my Famous Five- hope you enjoy discovering them if you haven't already and are encouraged to think of your favourite blogs!

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