Zine Trades

I just wanted to share a couple of zines I've recently received through trades with my Tea zine. Both have come about through twitter. The first zine package is from @jessicagowling and travelled  all the way from Canada. This is her first zine- prompted by an unfortunate bout of tendinitis (which I hope is starting to calm down) and has been inspired by mountains and bears. As she puts it:  it's based loosely on the idea that ‘mountains are more than just rocks and trees; they are a part of the beings who roam their surface.’ It has been produced using her computer and a photocopier and even has a packet of mountain stickers...ace!

The second zine is from a trade with the OWT collective- again found through a Twitter call out- @OWTcreative. The zine has been created using the slides and imagery received on the theme of 'Exchange' at OWT. Each individual zine is different and comes with a genuine slide from the evening attached to the front cover-and is a limited run of Ten! I like how its been made and the use of the slides for the cover and then continued through the zine- its a lovely pocketful of visual memories.

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