Painting Sale!

As some of you may know we relocated from Scotland to Cornwall this year and so far it has been lovely. However we are still trying to find a place for everything and more boxes than desired are cluttering up our living space. It appears that moving from a semi-furnished flat to an unfurnished house contributes quite a bit to this- as we just don't have enough furniture to put stuff away. So to this end I have had a sort through of my paintings that I did prior to leaving Scotland and am offering them here at a special price as a thank-you to those who have been following along on my blog. They have been painted using watercolour and layers of liquid acrylic and details highlighted with pen and ink.

Each one has been framed professionally and is ready to send to a good-loving home for the sum of £35 plus £2.50 P&P. Will ship worldwide just contact for pricing.
Have a scroll through and if you would like to be the proud owner of an original piece of art just send me an email (see contact) along with title of painting and your address- if you have any further questions just leave a comment below! Thanks.

Two Scots Thistles

Three Scots Thistles

Queen's Cross, Glenesk

Maule Monument, Glenesk





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