Christmas Pop-up Shoppe!

I decided to open a dedicated Christmas Shoppe just because it seemed the easier option whilst my laptop was in repair plus I wanted to test drive having a Big Cartel shop.
You choose which payment plan you want - they range from Gold which is Free to Titanium which is $29.99 monthly. I chose Platinum ($9.99 per month) as it allows me to fully customise the site and add up to 25 products as well as get discount codes for customers. You are not tied in for any amount of time which means if I decided to upgrade or downgrade depending on the month I could.

The user face area is really simple to use and once I got the hang of changing some of the html to customise the header and the background it was quite quick to set up. Adding products and prices was also stress free and it didn't take me long to get all the christmas stock up!
The Big Cartel team although based in the US were really helpful- there were a couple of questions I had and they were super fast at responding.
The great thing about having a Big Cartel shop is that anyone can buy from it- the customer doesn't have to login to Big Cartel to buy - it uses Paypal to complete the payment but you can still use your cards without having an account.

So far so good...I'll see how the rest of the season goes and hopefully will make some sales.

Here's a sample of what's in the shop and also the special discounts that are on offer. Would love you to have a look and if there's something you like just give me a shout!

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