How to make a Cracking Christmas Jumper!

Yep its that time of year to bring out those wonderfully cheesy Christmas jumpers.
Perhaps you have one knitted especially for you each year by your great aunt or gran, or maybe you have them donated to you by an older sibling or cousin, or if you are unlucky (or just too cool) you simply don't have one then joy of joys for this mini tutorial will have you wearing your own classic christmas jumper in no time at all!

Find your local charity shop preferably not an upmarket one and hunt for a cheap and bright woolly jumper- cable knit would be lovely!

Presuming you've washed your wooly find (on a woolen wash cycle) and allowed it to dry, dig out some scraps of fabric - felt, patterned cotton are ideal.
Choose a classic festive icon:
  • snowman
  • snowflake
  • christmas tree
  • christmas pudding
  • reindeer
  • christmas cracker
  • christmas present
Then using the different fabrics choose which ones you want to allocate to each part of the design.
For my jumper I made a christmas pudding with just three different fabrics- the simpler the better!

Cut out the design and lay up on the jumper pining it as you go. Once you're happy pop on to your sewing machine and zig-zag stitch around the edges of the fabric straight onto the jumper.

You're almost done- add any other hand-sewn elements such as felt  balls/sequins/etc for noses or berries.
Snip all the loose ends and tidy up and there you have it - a fantastically cheesy Christmas Jumper!

If you did manage to get round to doing one I would love to see yours!

Merry Christmas!