Liebster Blog Award # 2


The lovely Rebecca from Littletree Designs gave me a Liebster Blog Award recently - its my second time I've received this (Georgia Coote gave me my first back in April) which is exciting as I get to share some more blogs that I love reading and being inspired by-so without further ado...
  • - I've been following Liz on her zine comic travels via cyberspace for a while now and love her cartoons and captions! Recently visited HereandNow shop in Falmouth and was pleasantly surprised to see a splendid array of her zines & comics on sale!
  • - delicious screen-printed decorations and cushions - hmm textile treats!
  • -blog displaying Bryony's lovely studio and portfolio illustration work- and updates to her etsy shop
  • - updated frequently Anna writes about art, vintage finds and regular mail-art projects she takes part in- a little treasure trove of goodies!
  • - curated by Joanna Hawker, illustrator, she blogs regularly about other artists work (and a few of her own pieces) - great for inspiration and creativity.

On accepting this award you're job is to:

  • write a blog post on receiving this award and add the Liebster picture
  • link back to the person who gave it to you
  • pick 3-5 of your favourite blogs to share and present this award to

There you have it- I hope you'll enjoy discovering more creative blogs to read!

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