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I've now set up shop with online british craft marketplace Folksy- which supports British based designer-makers/crafters selling their wares. My decision was heavily swayed by meeting half the team at Renegade Craft Fair this autumn- it wasn't hard to say yes when you meet people as committed and passionate about showcasing and bringing craft to the wider community as they are. They also held a morning chat session with free cups of tea - as an avid tea drinker it would have been rude not to go.
It was there that I discovered the real face of Folksy- James, Andrew and Emily - making up half the team -the others being back at base in Sheffield. They introduced themselves and then let us do the talking- questions were fired, feedback was given and taken, advice on keywords and product descriptions, techy & SEO speak, forums, pinterest, social media, photos and so on... there was a lot shared and a lot listened to. By the end of the weekend I felt I really did know the heart of the team and it didn't take much to convince me to want to join the 'Folksy fold' and become part of a bigger community of individuals aiming to make a living from doing something they love.   

Read more about Folksy here in their interview with Blog and Buy sale.

Visit my shop on Folksy by clicking here.

My shop on Folksy- filled with Mellybee wares.

James and Andrew- team Folksy.

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