Meet Ben Mostyn and Anya Rice

A couple of weeks ago when it was a beautiful sunny day I had the pleasure of joining photographer Ben and his wife photographer Anya on a mini portrait shoot- me being the portrait model. It actually turned out to be more of a nature ramble with a little bit of photo-shooting as the weather was so lovely and we were all probably a little too relaxed for serious camera posing! Below is one of the portrait pictures from the reel. I also managed to sneak a few pictures of Ben and his wife- I find photographers are notoriously hard to capture but managed to get them with their guards down on swanpool beach.

Ben and Anya moved to Falmouth around a month ago from Oxford and are both working freelance so it's been great to connect with them and show them a little of what Falmouth has to offer.
Check out Ben's photography work  here and make sure you also visit Anya's website here.

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