Endangered creature ALPHABET!

Endangered Creature Alphabet

Hello! I've been itching to tell you about a project I've been involved in since May but until now have had to keep things close to my chest! Well not anymore as it is now LIVE! Myself and 25 other artists were selected to be a part of the Endangered Creature Alphabet project- the brief was to draw and illustrate an endangered animal- one for each letter of the Alphabet. The project initiated via twitter and organised by Matt Witt of CreatureMag includes an insightful foreword by John Farndon as well as a helpful key that lists the different levels of risk these animals are at.

The aim of the project was to:

'bring together a group of artists to create something that would highlight the plight of endangered species and hopefully enlighten and educate some minds. The alphabet seemed like a good means to meet this end.'

26 artists were involved in the project and each were given their own creature to illustrate in their distincitve style.

My letter was S and the animal I was asked to illustrate was the Sea Otter. I've pictured him with one of his favourite foods- starfish. He typically likes to float usually in large groups and funnily enough the collective word for them is 'a raft of sea otters'. Sea otters weren't the first group of animals that came to mind as an endangered species and thankfully a hunting ban has brought them back from the brink, but their future is still precarious.

Personally for me its been great to work on something collaboratively with other artists from across the globe. Something which I think has really been made achievable by social media and the accessibility we now have from being online. Twitter in particular enables this kind of dialogue and shouldn't be underestimated in facilitating projects that can help educate and engage minds.

Here are the 26 artists in order of appearance:

David Blatch - 

Kerri-Ann Hulme - 

Alex Woollam - 

Polly Alizarin Harvey- 

Gareth Barnes - 

Fiona Purves - 

Leila Shetty - 

Julia Broughton - 

Paul Shinn - 

Poonam Mistry - 

Jenny Robins - 

Julie Vermeille - 

Melanie Chadwick - 

Sean W├árs - 

Kathryn Corlett - 

Martyn Warren - 

Kate Eggleston-Wirtz - 

Tom Moore - 

Teresa Eastwood - 

Christina Bretschneider

To see the book just click the book image above and you'll be able to read it online.

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