Falmouth Oyster Festival & Christmas Decorations!

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Hello! Well I'm still alive, just, having made it through the four day marathon 13th-16th October that was the Oyster Festival. I know I'm probably over exaggerating but it was pretty exhausting selling my wares, looking happy and chatting 10-6pm each day as well as putting up and packing down at the start and end of the event.
Hey I shouldn't complain it was a great event kicked off with no other than Tim Anderson -the winner of this years Masterchef- he even walked past my stall-alas I wasn't quite on the ball to offer him one of my fishy tea-towels... oh well next time I'll be ready! The Festival had allsorts of activities including cookery demos- which produced delicious smells and of course Oyster Shucking!

Here are some photos (sorry mostly of my stall) to give you an idea of the space and even one of me - a rather enthusiastic volunteer from Falmouth's Maritime Museum eagerly offered to take my picture- it was rather early in the morning and I didn't feel like putting up a fight! There were two main spaces one for the arts and crafts and the other for the cookery demos and food and drink stalls. The event was well attended by locals and visitors and definitely had a great atmosphere. 

me and my cheesy grin!

My friendly stall neighbour-Julie

I also took the opportunity to show/sell some of my newly screen-printed christmassy plush decorations and christmas cards.  They'll soon be available to buy online as well as in a few local shops in and around Falmouth.  Over the next couple of weeks I'll be preparing for more fairs as well as updating stock and website so make sure you pop by to see the changes.  Thanks for following! 

Bird of Peace

Candy Cane

Gingerbread Man

Screen Printed Christmas Goodness!

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