Behind closed doors

The title may sound a bit ominous but in fact I just wanted to share some images of what my studio space(s) looks like. I was interviewed by the new digital mag Gathered last week- brought to you by the makers of Mollie Makes and they wanted images of my studio (garage/shed), so as I've taken some photos anyway I thought you might like to see them. You'll see I have a space for my messy work i.e. screenprinting/painting and then a corner of our second bedroom where I design and do digital work. I would love to hear about your creative spaces...if you feel inclined share in the comments below.

Outside space with a view of the garden
Bernina sewing machine shelf makes a good tea mug holder whilst cutting

Gingerbread man ready to sew!
Birds of Peace being made up
Recycled honey jars and sauce pots filled with inks ready mixed
Teatowels hanging
Screen printing station set up for textile printing
Handy garden seat holds my screens, portfolio cases, foam, table and more!
Trestle table legs nest my smaller screens
Basket of plush decorations growing steadily
Second bedroom space where I do all the digital/printing stuff!

Piles of Cushions

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