Make your own Christmas Decoration!

So here's a mini photo tutorial to accompany a new product I've just created for Christmas. It's basically a make your own kit for a Christmas decoration. The kit provides you with ribbon, instructions and my screen-printed fabric and you'll just need to find scissors, needle, thread, pins and your choice of stuffing.
Here's the 'how to' bit - although I'm sure you find it's easy enough to figure out! To buy your own Make Your Own Christmas decoration kit please visit my shop on Two Red Trees- I'm only making it available to buy online through them. Priced under a fiver, including shipping it'll also make the perfect stocking filler for the budding crafter. Enjoy!

Gather the tools needed and unwrap the fabric

Cut out the designs following the dashed lines

Fold over the ribbon and pin upside down on the tree side

Place the bauble side on top of the tree side so that the designs are hidden and pin in place

Sew by hand or using a sewing machine sew all the way round leaving aprox. a 1 inch gap near the bottom

Turn your decoration right side out- you may like to give it a quick warm iron.

Choose your stuffing- hollow fibre, lavender, christmas pot pourri are all good options!

Thread a needle and stitch it up...

And voila- it's complete! 

Hang your decoration where people will notice and enjoy the many compliments you will receive for your handywork!

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