Support small business saturday!

 support small businesses

I thought I'd just mention briefly about the Small Business Saturday campaign which is held on one of the busiest shopping days of year- the first Saturday in December-and this happens to be tomorrow. It's all about encouraging everyone in the UK to support small businesses up and down the country on that day and beyond.

As a small business owner I really do appreciate any custom I get, especially during the time of year when I know people are looking to spend some money on special gifts for friends and family. I also know that my business can only run because of other small businesses stocking my work, and in turn they can only run if customers are willing to buy the products they hold. So an event like this that draws attention to small businesses is a really great initiative that I hope you too can get excited about promoting!

Do your bit by sharing the campaign with others, buying your gifts from small businesses- whether that's through a local shop, an small online retailer or an online marketplace like  folksy or two red trees or even better get yourself to a local craft fair and buy in person and of course you could even write a blog post! 

Here is my list of stockists who support me so why not visit them if they're close to you and buy a super gift for someone special this Christmas. 

Follow and read more about the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, or the SBS website.

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