Happy Chinese New Year!

Thankfully the chinese celebrate the new year a little later than us brits which is ideal for those of us who have been a little behind in the old blog writing (that'll be me) and can actually have a post that wishes everyone a Happy New Year or more accurately a Kung Hei Fat Choy! When we lived in Hong Kong 2006-08 this time of year was just as exciting as the build up to christmas and shops would shut for at least a few days.

This year my resolution or aim has been to do one thing at a time and so far I would say it is helping me complete projects rather than start a new thing half way through. My office space has benefited with new storage for paper and desks for drawing- I spent around a week just concentrating on getting rid of old stuff, re-filing and building flatpack furniture. Even my computer desktop got a spring clean freeing up a few Gigabytes! It always surprises me how quickly things mount up if you don't clear them out regularly.

Another area I've organised and cleared up is my finances. Every year at the beginning of January I do my tax return and it always fills me with impending dread but actually when I get down to it it really isn't as scary my fears made out. It's more having to tackle the bulging drawer of paper where all my sales and receipts have been thrown throughout the year that is the biggest hurdle. So with staple, poly pocket and lever-arch in hand I've now organised everything into files as well as entered every last digit into excel spreadsheets...and for the time being I'm feeling pretty buoyant leaving me some headspace to think on new things!

I hope your 2014 is shaping up... I'll be back next week with news of projects going on-till then have a lovely week. x

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